Why PoE (OdE) - Place of Emergence (Ort des Entstehens)

Ort des Entstehens
MontaƱa Chayofita 1
38650 Los Cristianos, Arona
Teneriffa (Spanien)

+34 922 085 476

+34 922 085 476 (Tel/fax)
+34 662 922 701

+34 922 085 476 (Tel/fax)
+34 662 922 701
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Why Place of Emergence?

Just as you are currently dealing with these lines, on exactly this side of this platform, so there is a cause for it!

Something has moved you ... whether you associate it with coincidence, determination, or any other conceptuality - we here, as part of the whole and as the appointed representatives and guardians of this "Place of Emergence", know it has to do with guidance!

Your individual path has already led you through some or even several life situations. Looking for that "?" you participated in the esoteric and spiritual work.
Nevertheless, such a feeling as "stepping up on the same place" always takes up more space in you...

... should we be allowed to meet here in this place (shelter), this is most definitely related to your decision, as well as to the causes and the guidance we are so familiar with!

Have You decided on a next definitive and tangible transformation step?

A clear YES is the answer to the above question - and thus the invitation to do this step together with us, we invite you from our hearts ....!
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