Artists of their field - Place of Origin (Ort des Entstehens)

Ort des Entstehens
Montaña Chayofita 1
38650 Los Cristianos, Arona
Teneriffa (Spanien)

+34 922 085 476
+34 922 085 476 (Tel/fax)
+34 662 922 701

+34 922 085 476 (Tel/fax)
+34 662 922 701
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Artists give themselves the honor

With  Klausi, as we have often lovingly called him, we were allowed to spend a  rarely profound, intense and multifaceted creative time, lasting over 1½  years.

The  awareness that Klaus has started from our point of view and perception,  a journey that is second to none, fills us - even with a little pride.
We know that the undoubtedly large gap  he has opened with his departure as ambassador of our common mission can  hardly be compensated, except perhaps one day ...                                                                                                  "hey Brother we love and miss you!"

"KoS"  alias Klaus Herunter

Michi  the Fritz Lead singer of the successful dialect music & funky  Austro pop band SOLARKREIS, visited us with his family for the first  time in May 2015.

In his professional life Michi focuses on young people with special needs
Again  and again I find the idea that in his everyday work he presents the  same qualities as he does professionally.
Also, from time to time he is a longtime gig partner along with KoS, Peter the Fox, etc., under his label "Michi the Fritz" on the road.

"Michi the Fritz"  alias Michael Fritz

In the spring of 2015 we welcomed Doris, a master class guitar virtuoso, in our round of soulmates. She is also devoted to rock music and a living representative of the rest of e-music.
As a result, it was not just a single visit ...

"Angel of the strings" alias Doris Kreŝ

Originally a graduate of jazz vocal studies in Graz, the vocal coach teaches today at the University of Music Education Steiermark.

Whether in the independent formation D.I.V.A. (stands for a multicultural band with exciting interpretations of jazz and "world music").
or as a friend and mother of their children, the gifted singer supports her partner "Michi the Fritz".

"D.I.V.A."  alias daniela sudy(fritz)

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