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Ort des Entstehens
MontaƱa Chayofita 1
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Teneriffa (Spanien)

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+34 922 085 476 (Tel/fax)
+34 662 922 701
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Questions that keep coming up:

What is love?

In  the first place, love is nothing more than a feeling of affection for  a thing or a person, which the human and also  the more sophisticated animals feel psychologically.
Emphasis  here is on mental or emotional sensations, since mental sensations, in comparison to physical sensations, only affect our sensory perceptions and intervene in  our thought world, and are associated with concrete physical effects,  partly based on these and not detached from them.

Love is thus an emotion. Not just any, but an emotion that we associate with something pleasant and good and valuable for us. The more pleasant and valuable something is for us, the more we are inclined towards this thing or that person. Thus for us humans, love and affection are one and the same sensation.

However,  the question asked above, "What is love", is not entirely clear yet,  because it is not that easy to put this topic into a drawer. So it makes a difference whether it is the affection for a thing, a person, animal, child or partner.
We  should also ask the question, "What about love and where does it go if  we can not reach, hold, realize or enjoy what we desire and want to  love?"
Then there are emotions such as grief, gloom, discomfort and resignation within reach. Why is this behavior?
Sure,  these emotional behaviors vary from person to person, but always  directly relate to the relative meaning or value, that is, to the  thoughts of each individual. The resulting emotional bias keeps man captive and directly influences the emotions described above.

What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? How can I find purpose, fulfillment and contentment in my life? Do I have the opportunity to make something significant?

Many have never stopped exploring the meaning of life. Years  later, they look back, wondering why their relationships were breaking  and why they feel so empty even though they achieved what they set out  to do.
A  baseball player who made it to the Hall of Fame for Baseball was asked  what someone should have told him when he started playing baseball.
He replied, "I wish someone had told me that if you reached the top, there is nothing there."
Many goals only reveal their emptiness after wasting years hunting them down.

In our humanistic society, many people pursue goals in the belief that they will find fulfillment in them. Some of these goals are job success, prosperity, good relationships, sex, entertainment, good works for others, etc.
Time and again people witness, while achieve their goals of wealth, relationships, and enjoyment, that there is still an emptiness?
"True love belongs to the person
who releases love of any meaning! "

                                                                                (Pete A. Kaiser)
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